Doubts about canyoning Málaga-Cádiz

To bring with you

Swimsuit to wear below the neoprene.
Sport shoes or mountain boots with strong grip.

You can not do the canyoning with this type of shoes

To wear below the wetsuit

A swimsuit or bikini for ladies, and short swimsuit for men (not long for confort).

The most appropiate footwear

To walk through canyon, any sport shoes or mountain boots with good grip. Do not bring the oldest that you have at home because the sole will be worn out, you will slip and even the shoe will be broken before you finish the activity. The river booties are not appropiate, they are for beach but not for canyon.

Minimum age for canyoning

From 7 years old. They will be wearing perfect equipment specific for them (harnesses, helmets and wetsuits for kids). They may carry out canyoning of Sima del diablo or Arroyo majales, depending of season and river flow.

Included in the price

·         Professional guide. Sport technician level II of canyon, sports science degree, footpath expert, biologist…
·         Specific equipment to carry out the activity: helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, neoprene socks, vagas de anclaje, carabiners, ocho, ropes, backpacks, watertight tank. All this material has been aproved by UIAA and CEE.
·         Bars, wáter, first aid kit.
·         Photo report of the activity.
·         Liability insurance.

How long the activity takes
It will depend of the canyoning. Usually the whole morning.

Available dates

Any day is good to do an activity with Pangea. You can also check our activities calendar. If there is no day good for you, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or pone to +34630562705 to discuss the best date that suit you.

How to book
If you have decided to do canyoning with us the next step is send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, phone number, date and number of people who are coming. Also, let us know which canyon you would like to do. We will get in touch with you.

Choosing the best date for you

We will adapt to your preferencies. Bear in mind that the weather is important.

Joining in if you come on your own

There is not problem coming on your own. We will organise groups.


To carry out certain canyons, like Cañón de las buitreras, it is essential to know how to swim, but for others is not necessary but advisable.

We will take pictures during the activity. Once we finish, we will upload them to our Facebook site where you will be able to look at them and download them.

Bad weather or rain
In the case of weather does not allow us to carry out the activity, this could be suspended under the guide criteria for security reasons. We may change the date or time.


We will finish at lunch time, which in Spain is around 14:00. We will provide wáter, energy bars and nuts during the activity.

To get by car

It will depend of the canyon. The most of the roads are mountain roads and dirt road. For this reason, low cars are not the most adequate.

Car keys

Once your vehicule is closed, you will leave the key in our car. Just in few canyons we will keep the keys in airtight bag inside the waterproof tanks.

Best season for canyoning

This activity usually takes place during the summer because is the best season, but we can do it anytime of the year due the variety of them. There are canyons that are dry during the summer, but others have water the whole year. We are lucky to have canyons all year!!



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