Canyoing Levels Malaga, Cadiz

We have to consider that we are involved in an environment dominated by water action, therefore we can find a ravine which it can be full of water – which we call “in charge” – and become unworkable, or be dry and then good for an initiation or first level. Pangea Active Nature aim is exactly to know real time circunstances in each ravine that we offer. We know which ravine we can work with each group, so it is the best to be advised for each activity to adapt it to the group. However, the best season for ravines is summer, so all the information offered its based on that season. For any other circunstances it will be better to gather as much information as possible.


Those that because of their technical difficulty, access, volumen of water and hardness we advised to almost everyone. These are appropiate places to go with kids and people with low sports activity. We always ensure that enjoyment and safety are the priority in our activities. Some examples are Sima del Diablo, Río Verde, Arroyo Majales, Río Grande or Guadalmina. Usually, a person with a moderately active life will not have any problema to carry out these adventures; however we will resolve any doubt. Our expirience is our biggest strenth.


To carry out these activities we will advise more active sports life, good physical condition and previous experience on verticality sports. The list of posibilities that our environment offers us includes Garganta Verde, Las Buitreras and Barranco de Jorox. Some of the factors that make this activity to be recommended to second level of users are huge quantity of maneuvers with rope, long water sections, total lenght of the canyon, unevenness or difficulty of progress.


Although, some of the previous canyons could be considered part of this level when they are “in charge”, those which offer and got the hardest level in normal scenaries are Lentegí Integral, Tajo de Ronda and Río Verde Integral. All these activities require higher physical and mental strength and preparation, a extremely good planification and specially, high complicity among all participants. But if you like canyoning, all of these points should be your aim.



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